Just those words

This morning, MsSearch came and gave me a bracelet she bought for me. In the little gift tag, she wrote, “Go for it with total heart, mind, soul and…”

I know I had written previously about how I wish people would do away with farewell gifts and meals. But I really appreciate MsSearch’s very generous present and I feel so, so good, relieved and encouraged reading and re-reading those three words, “Go for it.” Totally.

I’ve been searching and waiting for encouragement and support from those around me. Waiting so long for someone to say “Give it your best!” rather than “Huh? Aren’t you scared?”

In the little heart-shaped links of chains and MsSearch’s flourescent pink handwriting, I found what I needed.

Thanks, Shifu!

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2 Comments on “Just those words”

  1. MsSearch Says:

    It’s my pleasure.

  2. fefe Says:

    Oooooo so that’s the one 😀 No wonder she was excited about it too hehe…..So sweet lo…err, can that bracelet be pawned in times of need? haha…

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