Random facts

  1. I believe in karma – what goes around comes around.
  2. I have never been drunk.
  3. I try my very best to avoid eating animals with fur. Sometimes it’s hard.
  4. The most romantic thing a man has done for me is to give up his only indulgence in life (long holiday trips) in order to buy me a house to live in.
  5. I’m going to marry this man. I have married this man.
  6. I am undecided between getting a horse or a car. I got a car.
  7. I once found a bomb threat on the plane and was scared shitless. Needless to say, we were all evacuated and didn’t fly.
  8. I sleep early and wake early.
  9. My mother is the best thing that happened to me.
  10. I have no regrets in life but I have endless worries.
  11. I believe compassion is a human’s greatest gift to another.
  12. I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past 12 years. Without any success.
  13. It doesn’t help that I have a medical condition which makes me fat and tired.
  14. I’d still like to go back to teaching and also become a social entreprenuer.
  15. I am a tomboy at heart.
  16. I am afraid of being in the sea.
  17. The only time I lost my voice was when I was teaching in Laos.
  18. I believe that persistence pays.
  19. I love to roam the world but I want to grow old in Singapore.
  20. I love animals but the reason why I don’t have a pet is because I move too much.
  21. I’ve been a waitress, cleaner, clerk, salesgirl, PR executive, teacher, translator and youth development officer.
  22. I’ve been wearing Estee Lauder’s Pleasures since 1997.
  23. I was very quiet in kindergarten so I was taken aback when my teacher picked me to deliver the graduation speech in front of the whole school, wearing a ridiculous hawaiian hula skirt.
  24. My favourite food is fishballs, that’s why I have cheeks like them.
  25. From experience, I know it’s possible to reach out to even the toughest person with kindness and sincerity.

One Comment on “Random facts”

  1. Lucia Says:

    i really hope n.25 is true…

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