About me




I am a Singaporean girl who is melodramatic and melancholic. I try to see the interesting in the ordinary. I have this space to share my perspectives and reflect on my life journey. This is where I share my deepest feelings. A safe place to whine, celebrate, cry, laugh and be myself. A place to record memories. A place of comfort. Have an open mind as you join me!


I used to wear only dark suits to work. Sharp suits. People in my office were interested in Tiffany and Georg Jensen jewellery and WMF cutlery. I fell ill all the time. Then, I left Singapore for the UK and discovered a different perspective on life. My priorities shifted. My views widened. I took long walks and discovered the joys of a simple life. And I decided to teach and make a difference. I rediscovered a colourful wardrobe. I am learning and living.


An air ticket and free accommodation.


I am sometimes a vegetarian. I worry too much. I cry hard and laugh even harder. It takes alot to break me. I am a distant relative of the sloth. I love to watch baby hippos run. I fly to places to surprise people I love. I dig Jeff Corwin, Hugh Grant and Jack Black. I am a Buddhist. I love animals. I have no siblings. I am a mother. I love movies, photography and quirky things. I was a kitchen hand and pub cleaner. I am scared of everything. I want to try everything.


I remember. Everything. I can read minds. Don’t lie. If you are my friend, I will always send you a card on special occasions, until I die.

7 Comments on “About me”

  1. felia Says:

    read minds…interesting coz i can too…maybe one day we shall exchange pointers hahaha

  2. Chui San Says:

    Hey Cindy! found out about your blog through Eric..i just created a blog too few weeks back. do visit my blog at: http://www.mightyminime.blogspot.com
    Meanwhile, take care and Good bless!

  3. Stacey Says:

    Hi! We’re a group of students from NTU, Welfare Services Club-Overseas Volunteering Expedition 2008. We’re planning to go to Nongduang, Laos this July. From your website, we understand that you had a valuable time in Laos. We would appreciate if you could share and advice us on areas such as travel tips/contacts of education/volunteering organisations in Laos. You can visit us at http://nuevo02008.net/index.html or email our chairperson at math0006@ntu.edu.sg. Hope to hear from you soon. =)

    Publicity Director

  4. Hi! Could you read my mind?

  5. Maly Says:

    I like your blog, hope you don’t mind me putting it on my blogroll! =)

  6. Lucia Says:

    i found your blog looking for grasshoppers and their meaning. yesterday while i was reading a baby cricket or little black grasshopper got into my place 🙂 i wear a lot of colors too, especially tights (which i bring over here from italy!)and you have no idea of what this means in a culture where basically there are only 5 colors and conservative plain cuts…
    i am also a teacher, i teach italian in Indiana and i have a very good memory too:)
    btw, i paint too w the same colors i wear 🙂 i meditate while swimming to appease my heart… don’t forget to look up at the sky these days, apparently till W when there will be shooting stars!

  7. kiwi223 Says:

    Hi, we have one common interest! I eat vegetarian food too! 😀 A way to keep in touch with you! you’re an awesome teacher!

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