Closing a chapter

I did a number of different things with my Dad’s CPF money. I felt I had to use it to repay his old debts and accumulate some merit for him.

1) My mother’s car needed spray painting. I paid for that.

2) She used some of the money to donate to various charities in his name.

3) I sent money to all my paternal cousins, all of whom helped me at the wake and funeral.

4) I ordered a load of cakes and pastries to thank his ex-colleagues, all of whom looked after him very well at work and have become his close friends.

5) I went out and bought myself jewellery – the first time in 10 years. I wanted something tangible, long-lasting and can be kept close to me, which I could remember my father by.

6) I dragged my mother out to the shops and bought her her first “branded” handbag. I then bought myself my most expensive handbag to date. The first time we didn’t go digging in the sale bargain bins.

7) I gave money to my aunts and grandmother.

Whatever that’s left, it’s sitting there in the bank.

Until I come across an old debt to repay or something meaningful I can do with the money.

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