Noodles at 4am


4am. Sharing pot noodles with an energetic toddler while the rest of Singapore sleeps. Someone asked me to explain what jet-lag feels like today. The easiest way to understand is – it’s just like when you have to go to start a day’s work at your bedtime hour.

6am. The traffic noise gets louder as the city wakes. The birds start to sing. The skies lighten. People are waking up and getting ready for school and work. But that’s time I want to hit the sack!

8am. The sun is up, the heat and humidity infiltrates the house. It is insanely bright and hot, it feels wrong to go to bed, but sorry I am just too tired.

The first 7-10 days is horrible as we adjust to the new timezone. Jet-lag is unfortunately not something you get better at even if you have had lots of practice. They reckon it takes 1 day per time zone to get adjusted to local time, so with 8 hours’ time difference between UK and Singapore, it will take at least 8 days.

Well all I can say is, I’m glad at least we don’t have to do this flying again anytime soon. We are here to stay for a bit, taking a sabbatical from our British routines and work to spend more time with the family.

It hasn’t been an easy decision or process, but we thought we should give life in Singapore a shot when the little one is still little and not in full-time education. He is mobile in that sense, and adapts easily. My grandmother is also getting very weak and confused, so being with the family helps at this time. I am extremely thankful that my husband is so understanding and supportive.

Just like when I arrived in the UK in 2008 with an open heart, in 2013, I return to the land which bred me with an open mind and no pre-construed expectations.

Just go with the flow is I think what they say.

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