I am not particularly a fan of changes. If anything, I think I am quite a late adopter. I am quite resistant to new things. It took my friends a while to persuade me to try Whatsapp (which I now love!) and believe it or not, I do not own a smart phone.

I find changes a bit scary. Sometimes I just want to stay in my comfort zone and ignore any niggling thoughts to do something different, even if it could mean something better or more exciting.

But sometimes changes are necessary, sometimes they are inevitable. They add twists and turns to the plot or even interesting chapters to life. Personally I find changes particularly educative. I do like being thrown into the deep end once in a while to see what I am actually made of.

It’s a test of various sorts. You do end up finding out a lot about yourself through the changes you get put through. Things perhaps you never knew or realised.

Not all changes are for the better, of course. And by no means are all decisions you make going to be right. But even if they turn out bad, every single one still makes a story (and usually the worst experiences make the best stories), with every one brings wisdom and better judgement, and with every one you will look back someday and think, ‘I did that crazy thang?’

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