Screwed up

When a person gets screwed up, it takes a damn lot of effort and time to get them unscrewed. (Sometimes this is even impossible to achieve) And honestly, when you are uncovering the reasons why a person ends up being screwed up in the first place, you will find it’s usually because they have screwed up families/parents. This is what I have come to realise. The importance of being sane for your children. And that if you are screwed up, don’t have children, please, until you have sorted yourself out.

I have been counselling my staff. god, it really takes it out of me. He’s brilliant, but he also has a WHOLE HECK LOAD of issues which stand in the way of him being brilliant. So when he doesn’t deliver, I have to spend A LOT of time to try to uncover the reasons why. The truth is he probably needs a lot of counselling and therapy.

You can teach someone to build an aircraft, whip up a gourmet meal, drive a car, repair the toilet, fix the electrics but it takes double or triple that effort to teach someone to be believe in themselves. Or to love and respect themselves. Or to believe that they are not idiots or prats. Or not to use insulting, negative words to describe themselves.

This has definitely made me think. How can I teach my son to love himself, that he is loved, that he is capable of great things, but he is also human, he needs to stay grounded and he is not invincible. The mind is a powerful thing. I definitely don’t want to screw his up.

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