Happy 2013!

As 2013 opens with fireworks in every country, I am feeling excited and hopeful about new opportunities it will bring. 2012 had indeed been rather tiring.

In January we went back to Singapore for Chinese New Year. R and I spent five days in Bali on our own, enjoying the hot, sunny weather, riding around the island on a motorbike and relaxing in our spacious pool villa.

Upon return to Britain in February I submitted my application for permanent residency in the UK.

In March I left the boys for the first time to go on a three-day work trip. Some complications arose regarding my PR application; I had to resubmit the forms.

My mother stayed with us from March to April and all four of us went to stay at a beautiful hotel in the Cotswolds for two nights.

From May I started to regularly drive my car to work. I finally overcome my fear of motorway driving.

We had to cancel our holiday plans to Singapore in June because of the delay in processing my PR application. This was a very depressing and stressful time. We did not get to celebrate Lucien’s 2nd birthday with family in Singapore as planned, but instead spent it at a farm park in Cardiff. A few days after we returned however, we all caught a stomach bug of some kind and all three of us experienced varying degrees of gastrointestinal distress.

In July I was granted permanent residency and we got our passports back and could finally make plans to travel to Singapore.

August slipped by quickly. We had the outside of the house repainted, garden tidied and maintained, ceilings and walls painted.


The highlight of the year was when R bought me an old but well-cared for Mercedes A160 for my birthday in September. I sold my little Hyundai but still think of it till this day. Another wonderful milestone which happened this month was S & WL’s wedding, which we are glad to have been part of.

In October, R and I went to Taipei for four days on our own to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We really enjoyed the trip – the autumnal weather was cool but pleasant and we found the city very scenic, vibrant and appealing. Lucien started going to playgroup when we returned to the UK, two mornings a week. My mother visited us again in the UK from October to November. We made two days trips: to Oxford and to Stratford-upon-Avon.

I left the boys for the second time this year in November when I flew back to Singapore for five days to attend my cousin’s wedding. I cooked and froze a week’s worth of meals for Lucien because R’s culinary skills are non-existent.

In December, my boss prepared us for difficulties on project funding and job security. Our outlook is uncertain.

So I hope 2013 will bring me strength, patience, courage and determination to overcome my obstacles; and laughter, wisdom and optimism to see me through every challenge.

HAPPY 2013!

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One Comment on “Happy 2013!”

  1. Happy 2013! I hope everything works out well for you. Good luck and God bless! šŸ™‚

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