I miss you

Sorry for looking like a maid in this photo.

This were my last few moments with my car before the new owner took off with it.

I asked R to take a quick photo as I realised I haven’t got a picture with the first proper car in my life.

The sale happened so quickly. I had advertised the car online for 6 days and did not get a single enquiry until 6pm last night. Then the guy showed up with the cash, immediately liked the car and we closed the deal within 30 minutes.

I never realised saying goodbye to your old car was so difficult. I could not sleep last night; I tossed and turned in bed, thinking of my little Hyundai Atoz, which had served me so well over the last year, hoping the new owner looks after it and treats it gently.

I found myself cringing as I sat next to him when he took it for a quick spin. He was too hard on the accelerator and brakes. I wanted to tell him, “be gentle with her!”

God, it’s almost like selling your kid, you know. Your heart bleeds a little.

My Hyundai has taken me places. Mainly to the supermarket and to pick up R at the hospital in the beginning. She gave me the opportunity to refresh my driving skills again because I had clean forgotten what I learned 7 years ago. She took us to North Wales, to the Brecon Beacon Mountains, to the Cotswolds, to the beach, and more recently, she took me to work every week. She was a very basic car. Essentially a tin can on wheels. No refinements, lots of problems.

But you never forget your first love, do you?

Even when your husband buys you a proper (albeit 12-year-old) Mercedes-Benz A160 for your birthday.

I still miss her you know, my old dame.

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