A very sick day

We had such a wonderful time on Lucien’s birthday but a couple of days after that, I came home after work to learn that he had thrown up twice during the day. Apart from not really interested in having anything to eat nor drink, he was otherwise playing and running around like normal.

R had to clear up the mess in the cot (he threw up in there after his afternoon nap) and on the sofa, and shower poor Lucien twice to get him clean. More disaster struck after we tried to slowly feed him a piece of toast for dinner. Thankfully, this time he did it near the kitchen and not in the living room where it is carpeted. R and I mopped up the mess and changed Lucien into his pyjamas.

That night he went to bed without his usual bath and milk.

On Friday night, I woke to the sound of quickened footsteps downstairs and then loud retching. My husband was being sick. I laid in bed feeling queasy listening to the awful noise. I brushed off my stomach discomfort as a psychological reaction but the next morning when I woke with body aches, I knew something was wrong.

I popped two painkillers and took an extra hot shower to get warm. I dragged myself around the kitchen to prepare soup for the boys. But by 9.30am I was feeling so tired and unwell that I was dozing off on the sofa while Lucien tried to “revive” me by headbutting every part of my body. It only made me feel worse. At one point I felt so nauseous I was afraid I would throw up and I quickly went to take an indigestion pill.

God knows how I managed to last through the morning and after putting Lucien down for his afternoon nap, I collapsed into bed myself without having any lunch. I turned the heating on, put on a sweater and switched on the electric blanket and covered myself with a thick duvet. This was summer but I was so cold and shivery.

When we both woke 2 hours later, I felt much better and headed quickly to the corner shop to buy a pastry to eat. I thought the worst was over but I felt horrible again 30 minutes later. I brought Lucien to the park but it was very windy and I felt very cold and achy again. We went home to get my coat and play outside for a while.

At about 5pm I had to lie down on the the sofa with a blanket again after taking more painkillers. I watched the second hand of the clock tick by and wondered how I would be able to last till Lucien’s bedtime. I tried to think of somebody I could phone to babysit Lucien but could not think of anyone who would be available. Out of desperation I phoned R to ask if he could come home any sooner. I knew what the answer was. There were sicker people he was looking after.

Then my fever broke at about 7pm and I was covered in sweat. I instantly felt better and more alive. I bathed Lucien and settled him down for bed at 8pm and I had 2 pieces of toast and half a banana for dinner. When R came home at 8:45pm (he did manage to come home an hour early), he said I looked “terrible and grey”, and ordered me straight up to bed.

For days after our tummies weren’t right but we felt a whole lot better. I still don’t know how I managed to pull through last Saturday with fever, chills, body aches and extreme fatigue. I guess the answer is simply: mei banfa.

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3 Comments on “A very sick day”

  1. aww babes, you could have called me! hope you guys are all feeling better now x

    • tintedglasses Says:

      Thanks Kris! It would have taken you a while to get to me from where you are!

      • hahaa well, about an hour on the train under normal circumstances but if it was 30 June, it would have bee much quicker as we were in the Gower đŸ™‚ whichever, I would have gone if you needed an emergency sitter! hopefully not, but if there ever is a next time, you know my number! đŸ™‚

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