The boy turned two on Monday. Last year we had two big parties in Wales and in Singapore but this year we decided to have a fuss-free, quiet celebration with just us three. I baked a chocolate cake and decorated it with two small tractors, almond flakes, chocolate shavings and strawberries the day before.

On Monday morning, after ripping open all the cards and presents Lucien received, we drove to Cefn Mably, which is a working farm park catered for kids. We took quite a while longer than we should to get there because we got lost and the place wasn’t at all signposted along the way. It was also rather scary driving through the one-car wide country lanes with two way traffic – you never know what’s coming round the bend so we were crawling at 5km/h just to be safe. Finally, we made it at 11:30am, just as the sun came out. The weather turned out to be perfect for a farm visit. It was warm and sunny, the animals were happy and grazing and despite it being a Monday, there were lots of other families who were also there to enjoy the sunshine.

Lucien loved being able to run around the park, which is child-friendly and climbing onto the tractor, combine harvester and mini-digger and pretend-driving them. We had lunch at the park and got home at 3:00pm.

The heat made us all sleepy and we went for an afternoon nap. At 5:40pm, we woke with a jolt, realising we were only 20 minutes away from our dinner appointment with my sister and brother-in-law. Thankfully the restaurant was only a 5-minute drive away. After a simple celebratory meal with Lucien’s auntie and uncle, we came home and tucked into the chocolate tractor cake, then I divided the cake and gave some slices away to our neighbours who bought him presents. Lucien loved the tractors on the cake and successfully blew out the candles all by himself!

He was overly excitable and hyped-up when his bed time came around and it all ended in tears when he refused to go to sleep. We were all well exhausted at the end of the night. So much for a quiet celebration eh.


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