Happy Mother’s Day!

I celebrated my second Mother’s Day on Sunday. Becoming a mummy is most definitely the second craziest thing I have done in my life, with the first being marrying a crazy ang-moh twice my age and having his baby.

The first year was god-damn, f**king hard, it was no doubt the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I felt my body was no longer mine and I felt very unattractive. I was constantly exhausted and the amount of tears I shed was enough to drown me in my sorrows.

But I am now starting to really enjoy and embrace motherhood! (Okay fine, except when I am wiping smelly poo from my son’s arse.) It is still terribly difficult, I get up at 0630 every single day and never have a day off, I still cry when I get overwhelmed, I get very frustrated when he misbehaves, but it is heartbreakingly sweet when he comes and hold my hand or smother me with wet kisses.

Happy Mommy’s Day to all mummies, especially to those who have more than one child and look after them yourself, you are my hero.

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