Post card

I spent two days looking for my debit card in my house. I last saw my little vandal playing with my wallet prior to the disappearance of the card so I knew he definitely had something to do with it. Sadly, since a 20-month-old could neither understand the problem nor explain what he’d done with the card, I figured the usual method of “asking the person what happened” wasn’t going to work in this scenario. I was very tempted to ring the bank to cancel the card since I had literally overturned my house. But somehow I held off, knowing the act of cancellation would almost certainly be followed by first the naive joy of discovery then the sickening realisation of the uselessness of the card.

So I waited patiently for two days! And FINALLY much to our amazement we found the card, stuck in the door, because the numpty had decided to post it. It was by pure luck that we managed to find it, afterall who would have thought he would pull such a stunt? It was the very last place I would look. But the aspiring postman tried to commit the same offence the next day and was caught red-handed. As usual he walked away scott free after some finger wagging.

I have now learnt to put my wallet in a safe place, out of the way of naughty little boys who pose as irresponsible postmen.

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