The Old Dame

I drive a 14-year-old blue Hyundai with a one-litre engine. She’s like an old lady, a bit brittle, a little fragile, you need to show her a lot of love and you need to work her the right way. That means, no hard revving or overworking her uphill. That means being gentle and slow, and I don’t care if I’m holding up the queue on the road. She’s old, you know. Would you ask your grandmother to run up a hill?

We only bought her for £650 last year and due to her age, we have had to sent her to the “hospital” for a number of times now. The most recent repairs were the most extensive and cost us £600, almost how much the car’s worth. She had this wrong, that wrong, this to be replaced, that to be fixed. I suppose that happens when one gets old.

Despite all that, I am somewhat reluctant to just get rid of her. Afterall, she takes me to my local supermarket and carries home my weekly groceries, she took us to North Wales (5-hour epic journey) and back, she is pretty reliable really when she’s not poorly and of course, she is my first proper car. You can’t help but get sentimental when it comes to your first love, isn’t it?

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2 Comments on “The Old Dame”

  1. mw Says:

    omg babe you look so cute! I hope you don’t actually drive like this all the time! :p

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