Settling back

It was freezing when we got back to the UK. We thought we would escape the worst of the cold by going away to Singapore for a month in January. But a week before we were due to return, it started to snow and flights were cancelled. Ours wasn’t, thankfully. But the journey was LONG. 26 hours of travelling with a toddler was no fun at all.

Our fridge was barren for days. Every day I craved hot crispy bacon rolls for lunch but instead made do with marked down salami. We spent pretty well the whole week resting at home, getting used to the time difference, the cold weather, the new routines. Getting over such a long journey takes a while but we are all more or less there. Finally on Sunday, we drove to the supermarket to stock up on food, and the car broke down. (I seem to attract a lot of drama). But we got the food, we got in AA to help, and we got home.

I’m down with a cold and I am still exhausted. I wish I could stay in bed and have all my meals prepared for me. But instead I am back at work this week. Well I have to in order to be able to afford our holidays! So I’ll grin it and bear it and leave you with my favourite photo of late. My orchids at sunset.

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One Comment on “Settling back”

  1. fefe Says:

    Such pretty shot of orchid. Take care Cindy!

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