Happy New Year!

Yesterday I spent four hours in town by myself, checking out the winter sale. I spent an hour (ONE HOUR!) in the Cath Kidston store, armed with £90 worth of vouchers. Everything was on sale. I looked through every part and every corner of the store, touched everything and soaked in all the prettiness, and took my time to choose gifts for myself and friends.

When the cashier told me all the items I had put in my basket rung up to £75, I said, “So much? Surely that’s not right, is it?” She went to get her manager and we checked all my purchases. Apparently, it WAS right, I did bloody well spent £75 and at that point I wished I could have dug a hole to hide my big-ass embarrassed face. It was a LONG time ago since I have spent so much in a single receipt, apart from when we go food shopping.

Right after I left the Cath Kidston store, I went straight into the Jo Malone shop and blew £78 on cologne and a candle. Spending so much money evoked a lot of guilt but I decided what the hell I should treat myself at least once a year. I’d planned on getting these for myself for a long time and I experienced what I can only describe as a wonderful cathartic release from the girl who normally only ransacks the sale bins.

The sales staff who served me took care and attention in packing my purchases: getting the right-sized boxes, stuffing it with black tissue paper, wrapping the the boxes with beautiful black grosgrain ribbons so expertly they came out as perfect bows. Her level of customer service reminded me very much of Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually, except of course she was a lot better looking!

As you can see, I’ve hidden my purchases in my drawer so my husband doesn’t find them.

Don’t tell on me!

Happy 2012!

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