Bath Spa in the winter

When my mother was in town, R and I took a day trip to Bath Spa earlier this month, just the two of us. Bath has got to be one of my favourite cities in the UK. The buildings are all constructed with the elegant honey-coloured Bath Stone. There are no large modern malls because alot of the architecture is listed and cannot be torn down. The compact city is full of little alleys packed with interesting shops and restaurants easily accessible by foot. I had never been to Bath in winter time. It was a cold crisp day when we went, very chilly indeed. There was a bustling Christmas market where we had a browse around and I queued up to get a Wild Boar & Apple sausage. We spent the rest of the day just exploring different shops to get some Christmas gifts and ended the night with dinner at Loch Fyne, a seafood restaurant we visited in 2005 while we were dating.

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2 Comments on “Bath Spa in the winter”

  1. tsl Says:

    I’d wanna visit Bath sometime in the future!

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