I’m not naughty, I just hate shopping


On a rare afternoon off together, we decided to catch the train into Cardiff to do some shopping. We thought we might actually start our Christmas shopping early this year. It started off okay, Lucien was quite well-behaved on the train and enjoyed the ride, we had lunch at John Lewis department store, but then it all went downhill from there.

Unhappy about being confined in the pushchair and taken to different shops, our dear little boy turned into a right monster. We took him out from the pushchair and put the reins on him, but whenever we dragged him away from messing about with the displayed merchandise, he screamed and shouted.

So it was virtually impossible to look at anything at all in the shops because we had to keep a tight rein (literally!) on him and to deal with his screaming fits. At one point we just gave up and let him lie on the floor screaming in TKMaxx. We walked away and oh my god, the shame and embarrassment! I never thought I would one day become the type of parents whom I used to feel sorry for when their kids go bonkers in stores.

I didn’t have time to whip out my camera to photograph the tantrum because I was too busy finding a hole to hide, so I am using this  picture by rmrayner to illustrate my point.

Needless to say, we didn’t have a very fruitful shopping trip. The only thing we bought in the end was a remote control car which we intend to give it to Lucien at Christmas. (Why the hell should we be so nice to him after the horrible stuff he’s put us through, I don’t know, but I suspect it could because all humans are programmed with the default setting of “loving their young”. If you ever find the reset button, let me know.)

Today I had to make a trip to the Chinese supermarket to get some supplies. With a heavy heart I took Lucien with me, mentally preparing myself for the screaming and bad behaviour. I was in and out of the shop within 10 minutes as I knew exactly what I wanted to get. Then we spent the rest of the 45 minutes before our train home strolling along the streets of Cardiff. Amazingly I did not once hear a scream from him. He was also rather well-behaved on the journey home, but that could be because I was force-feeding him with snacks to prevent him from making any noise.

Perhaps Lucien isn’t really naughty, he just hates shopping. You know, it’s a male thing.

If so, please god let this last throughout his teenage years!

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