Busy bee

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been crazy busy! I am organising this massive event at work and when I get home it’s time to cook dinner, go to the gym, bathe Lucien and put him to bed . I have some free time after that but I am usually so exhausted I just want to sit down in front of the telly with a glass of wine, rather than post an update.

I definitely miss having my mother around. I never realise how wonderful it is to have an extra pair of hands around until she goes. I never have to worry about meals because she devotes her time in the kitchen. When we come back from the supermarket with a huge haul of food, she can keep Lucien company while the two of us put stuff away.

So without my mother with us now, it’s back to dancing the frantic cha-cha again. I realise I really have no time nor energy to cook every night, so we raid the freezer for quick fixes on some evenings. On top of this, we try to fit in regular work-outs at the gym, general cleaning and tidying of the house, food shopping and educational and recreational activities. Twenty-four hours are hardly enough for me!

And what exactly is the point of this post? Sorry I have digressed, but I guess I just wanted to write something to say, “Hey I am about, I just don’t have time to blog!”. But R is working nights this week so I will have some time in the evenings by myself and you know, I may just give up an hour of telly to bang out some entries just for you.

Stay tuned.

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