Lucien at nursery

The big news is Lucien is going to nursery! While my mother was here, we went to check out two nurseries near us who were able to take him one afternoon a week. They both had pluses and minuses and in the end we settled for one about 5-10 minutes’ drive away from our home, on an industrial estate with ample parking.

He has so far spent three afternoons in nursery, where I’d dropped him off at 1.00pm and picked him up at about 5.30pm or so. The lovely ladies at the nursery play with the kids, give them snacks and milk, sing with them and give them lots of cuddles.

We decided to put Lucien in nursery once a week for a number of reasons. First, I am starting to find it really hard to work from home when I’m alone with him in the house. He used to be entertained by his toys and the cartoons on telly but now as he gets older, he wants me to play with him more as he is bored of just running around on his own. Second, because he doesn’t have any siblings, he is constantly with adults who are predominantly, his parents. We felt it would be good for him to mix and socialise with other children his age and interact with different adults in a different environment.

Like many mothers who were putting their children in nurseries for the first time, I found it very difficult to leave him. I would put him in the nursery and quickly exit when he’s not looking. Then I would drive home and try to get on with my work. On the first afternoon, I found myself creeping around the house. Then I asked myself, “Why am I creeping around for? He’s not sleeping! Hell he’s not even in the house!” That’s because normally, when the house is quiet, it’s because he’s in bed. And I was so not used to him not being around!

I spent the rest of that afternoon looking at the clock, wondering what he was up to in nursery, was he being looked after properly, was he crying for me… Oh it was agony! Twice when I went to get him, I found him with his dummy in his mouth and clutching his bolster. The ladies always told me, “Oh he cried a little bit but he was okay generally!” If only he could speak and tell me what it was really like!

Each time I put him in nursery I have to tell myself to harden my heart. It’s for his personal growth and I can’t keep him in my bubble all the time. But when I see all his “classmates” running around with a streaming nose or a chesty cough, I think, oh my goodness, why am I exposing my poor kid to these horrible infectious germs and bugs? Every time I drive away from the nursery with a heavy heart, I have to remind myself I can’t be over-protective and I have to see the big picture.

Lucien needs to grow up.

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