We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Tuesday. I bought a pair of Nike trainers for R. When he opened it, he said, “I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair of shoes this week!” I went to work as usual but came home an hour early. R had taken Lucien out to the supermarket to get me a big bunch of flowers and a beautiful card. We went to our local pub for dinner. My sister-in-law did offer to have Lucien so we can have a meal in peace at a nice restaurant, but we decided to go somewhere nearby and take the baby with us. After putting Lucien to bed, we put the telly on and sat down to enjoy a glass of Rose and some cake. There were no expensive gifts or big gestures to mark the day. But we reminisced about our wedding day, looked through our photos, talked about “the kiss”, which I thought was a very sweet and genuine way of celebrating an anniversary. This was what we did last year.

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