When the going gets tough

Lucien caught a cold when he went to nursery (Yes he will be starting nursery! I will save that for another post) so he was really miserable on Thursday.

He cried when he woke up in the morning (not usually the case), grizzled while I fed him his breakfast, cried when I put him on the floor after his breakfast, cried when I wanted to leave the room, cried when I tried to distract him with toys. Oh my god, he just wouldn’t stop crying! And clinging on to me. I ended up having my breakfast only at 11:00am when he finally caved in and went for a 30-minute nap (as oppposed to his usual 90-minute ones).

That gave me just enough time to have a shower and have my toast before I had to deal with more whinging, crying, clinging on. This went on for the best part of the day and then he gradually got better by late afternoon.

Then yesterday two of my female colleagues came around ours for a get-together with their kids. My heart went out to one of them, who has a 8-month-old boy who is teething. She doesn’t get any sleep at night because he would be up crying every hour, and she told me she felt down sometimes because she could see no end to this.

It reminded me of what I went through in December/January, and how terrible it felt when someone whom I thought was my friend told me to “stop whining”. Coincidentally on the same day I came across this post on Karen Cheng’s blog and realised that whining actually keeps you sane. Talking keeps you sane. Being together with supportive, positive people, especially fellow mothers going through the same stuff, keeps you sane!

Then I also realised this: it’s not what you are going through that’s important, it’s what’s going to get you through it.

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