Birthday blast

My 31st was a blast. I received gifts, cards and parcels days before my birthday but I kept them in a corner to open them on the actual day. We went out for a delicious lunch at the Atlantic Hotel in Porthcawl and sat at a table looking straight out to the sea. I received three gorgeous bouquets of flowers on that day. Dinner was spent with my sister-in-law and her family. R requested his relative to bake me a “Cath Kidston” inspired cake with lemon filling as he knew I didn’t like sponge or chocolate. The cake was all shimmery and beautiful. We opened a bottle of champagne to share. There was no big party, poppers, extravagance or drama, but all the cards and gifts made me feel very loved and being able to spend the day in quiet celebration with those I love, really made me very happy.

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2 Comments on “Birthday blast”

  1. fe Says:

    I love the cake!!!! though I’d prefer choc 😀

  2. shir Says:

    that really looks like an awesome looking cake!

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