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When I heard a male classmate from poly was uprooting his wife and two daughters under 5 to Liverpool, I was interested to know why. Through his blog, I found out that his wife was going to pursue her Master’s degree here and he had quit his job to be a stay-home Dad in Britain.

I was majorly impressed when I read that, because I think it takes a real man to be able to give up his job and be willing to take over the parenting responsibilities and support his wife in her pursuit of her dreams. At the same time, I was also inspired. Packing up their lives and moving 7,000 miles across the globe with two young children will not be easy. But that didn’t stop them from giving it a shot.

I think a lot of people are afraid of starting a family because they fear it will stop them from having fun, growing their careers, leading the lifestyles they used to and perhaps limiting their freedom and cashflow and all the rest of it. But in reality, having children will stop you from doing the above ONLY if you let it happen.

It is true that in the first couple of years you will lose some freedom (depending on how much you want to be with your kids), but children grow up quickly and you will get your time back. Maybe there are places you haven’t explored in the world – what’s to stop you from exploring as a family? Maybe you don’t have time in the day to finish your work – then do it when the little one goes to bed at night. Maybe there is something you badly want to pursue like my friend’s wife – then do it and work your life around it. Children are actually a lot more adaptable than adults.

Yes, having children is a life-altering experience but we should never use it as an excuse to limit new experiences or a reason to blame for unfulfilled dreams. Instead, embark on new experiences with them. Everything will be a big adventure and even more special because you have them with you.

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