Gardening joys

I wanted to get more bedding plants for my front garden as the ones I put in during Spring are dying. So the day before, I drove to my local garden centre and a DIY place to have a look but they didn’t have any. As I returned from my trip I saw my neighbour tending to her beautiful garden and asked if she knew where best to go and get plants and flowers.

She said, “Oh, Mary Yeo.” “Mary Yeo?” “Yes, it’s not far from here, about 10 minutes’ drive?” she said. Apparently, Mary Yeoman (run by I suppose Mary Yeoman?) is this nursery which sells an huge range of bedding plants at a very affordable price. Another neighbour whose garden looks amazing gets her stuff from there too. At this point, I was like, “What? What have I missed out on? I’ve lived here for three years and been going to the Garden Centre to get rubbishy, over-priced plants and nobody let me in on the secret of this Mary Yeo place?!”

So this morning, I dragged R and Lucien out on an adventure to hunt down this nursery. It was windy and gloomy when we set out and after we left our village we went on a one-lane, winding country road with just fields and houses and sheep grazing. The place wasn’t terribly well sign-posted and conspicuous and we missed off the turning. But when we finally got there, we found they had an excellent supply of flowers and plants which were affordable and of good quality too. I took a trolley and filled it with an assortment of flowers but it started to pee down when we were ready to leave. It wasn’t exactly the best day to go to a garden nursery. But still, the rain didn’t dampen my spirits one bit. I was so excited I had discovered this “secret” family-run nursery!

The sun came out in the afternoon and I put on my gardening gloves and got to work. And gosh, this Mary Yeoman nursery… I think I’m going have to go back on a sunny day to have a proper look around and get a rose bush. Happy days!

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