Random thoughts…

A lot of people don’t realise this but waiting is a joy. By this I mean waiting for something nice that you know is going to happen. A vacation that’s coming up, a big tub of ice-cream waiting for you at home, an anniversary, a birthday, your favourite TV programme about to start, a night out, a bunch of flowers about to bloom, a get-together, a wedding, Christmas, Chinese New Year, the arrival of a baby, the arrival of Spring/Summer. I find the anticipation when I am waiting for something to happen gives me so much more buzz than when I am experiencing it.

These days I am busier at work as I have started to deliver training to young people and professionals, and loving every minute of being back in the classroom, I am still as tired as ever at the end of each day, but I am feeling more inspired and more positive. This could be related to the fact that Lucien now sleeps 100% through the night and therefore so do I. My driving is picking up though I’m still a terrible driver but hey at least I haven’t killed myself yet. I’m starting to feel I am getting my old self back: at home and at work. I am inspired to cook, to bake, to tidy up my garden, especially when I see my rose bush blossoming (above).

My life’s not perfect by any means but I am happy I think, generally.

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One Comment on “Random thoughts…”

  1. EmkayBlogger Says:

    That was a breath of fresh air to read. 🙂 Keep blogging, and check out my foil of a life story?

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