Wild thoughts

I spend my time on buses and trains thinking about my friends and family. But mainly of my friends because I hear from my family every day. I think about friends whom I haven’t heard from in a long while and wonder how they are getting on. I wonder what’s keeping them from dropping me a line or two. Is it because they are busy with their children, feeling tired at the end of each work day, or maybe they have lost my contact details? I’m not saying I value them any less because they don’t write to me or feel annoyed about it. I am saying there are many times when I just sit quietly in a bus, watching the scenery change as my mind is filled with thoughts of how they are. Wondering what they are doing at that exact moment when I’m thinking of them. How strange that I am so far away. How nice would it be if I could be home. When I could pick up the phone, dial a number and arrange to see a familiar face. I guess sometimes when you are 7,000 miles away from those you love, you just need to know they haven’t forgotten about you.

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2 Comments on “Wild thoughts”

  1. sunwhy Says:

    how true~! x

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