Catch me if you can

I feel I’m running out of steam a little these days because there has been so much going on. I wish I had time to stop, sit down and reflect about things a little, notice interesting things and get inspired, blog about it and share it with everyone, like I used to.

Unfortunately as a full-time working mother of a one-year-old, I’m afraid every minute of my life has a “purpose”. My mind is constantly ticking like, have I done this, what needs to be done now, have I forgotten to do something? If Lucien’s having a nap then it’s my opportunity to either fix dinner, do the laundry, fold the clothes, do the dishes, nip across the road to put petrol in the car, or all of the above.

We went on a 2-week holiday to Singapore and I was even busier out there! First we attended a wedding, then we zipped off to Bangkok and then it was Lucien’s birthday party. There was all this plus the usual household chores and family gatherings. I was deadbeat in Singapore and fell ill.

Back in Wales, I rested at home for four days before returning to work. It was very nice to just stay in for days without having to go anywhere or do anything. I do feel I am slowly getting my head screwed back in but I’m still not quite 100% rested.

To achieve that I think I would have to book myself (and just only me) into St Regis, stay in bed and order room service for a week.

It’s a very tempting thought, now where did R leave his credit card…

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