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Happy Birthday Lucien!

June 25, 2011

What a tiring, stressful, challenging, yet fun, rewarding and AMAZING year it has been. Happy First birthday my little boy! Photos taken by Kay.

Look who’s almost one!

June 12, 2011

We had an AWESOME party with our family and neighbours yesterday to celebrate Lucien’s first birthday. R’s extended family all drove down from another town 40 minutes away. It was the first time they met Lucien.

Our tiny house had 20 people in it (a first!) and it felt very crowded! The day before, I picked R up from work in the afternoon and we went food shopping to prepare for the party. He planned the menu in Wales and I am in charge of the menu in Singapore.

He did a good job in the end, with all the guests complimenting on the choice and quality of food. We steered clear of traditional sandwiches and cupcakes but instead served croissants with cream cheese and ham/fish and profiteroles and champagne with the birthday cake.

It was not lavish but there was quite a spread and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I prepared a drinks menu which Lucien held in his hand trying to show everyone what was on offer. He quickly forgot about his task when he received his first present.

There were lots of balloons, presents, food, drinks, people, the weather was gloriously sunny. It turned out to be such a lovely afternoon. There was quite a bit of cleaning up to do after but I think we all had such a smashing time that we didn’t mind.

As for the birthday boy? He was so overcome by the day’s excitement that he went to bed without having his dinner. He was completely knackered. Oh, bless him.

A piece of cake

June 5, 2011

With Lucien turning one in less than 3 weeks, it’s full steam ahead for planning his two birthday bashes. One in Wales and another one in Singapore. These are my inspirations for his birthday cakes. I know, they are pink. But look beyond the colour and focus on the style, design and look. I am not a fan of character cakes and I’m going to try to get away with non-cartoon cakes for as long as I can. (My heart will sink the day Lucien asks for a Thomas the Train or Spongebob birthday cake.) My niece-in-law will attempt to re-create the first cake in boyish colours while I’m hoping the Singaporean pastry chefs at The Patissier will not let me down on my customised cake based on the second design. All will be unveiled in time!

My son the vandal

June 5, 2011
  • Overturning my handbag and playing with contents.
  • Nicking carrots from the kitchen.
  • Chewing my flip-flops.
  • Removing keys from the laptop.
  • Tugging at wires.
  • Ransacking drawers.
  • Banging on the laptop.
  • Eating pieces of kitchen roll.
  • Ripping pages of books.