Things they don’t tell you when you become a mother…

  1. You forget the pain of childbirth once you see your baby.
  2. You finally understand what boobs are really for.
  3. If you were a control freak, you will develop patience and learn to go with the flow.
  4. If you were very messy, you will learn to become organised.
  5. It is okay to choose napping over doing the dishes.
  6. It is normal that your house looks like it has just been robbed.
  7. You will succumb and let your baby sit in front of the telly with his meal.
  8. You will become one of those mothers you use to tut at for letting her kid smear food all over the face and clothes.
  9. Childbirth gives you superpowers so you suddenly no longer need a lot of sleep and you can now eat very fast.
  10. You begin to visit shops with the best bargains on nappies, milk powder, baby food.
  11. You actually NOTICE such bargains.
  12. You will want to give up work for a while. Suddenly careers are not so important.
  13. If you never used to cook, you will be motivated to start now.
  14. You only go to restaurants which are children-friendly.
  15. You mustn’t stop being you just because you are a mum.
  16. Don’t try to do everything if it means you’d end up tired and depressed.
  17. Mummies don’t have all the answers and they make mistakes too.
  18. Don’t feel guilty toward your child if you have already tried your best.
  19. Kids don’t care what jobs you do and how much you earn, they love you for who you are.
  20. You need time to yourself.
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