Walk walk walk

I am getting fat and I haven’t got time to hit the gym regularly so I have decided to walk to work from the train station.

Normally I take a bus which costs me £2 (S$4) for a return trip. But I realise I spend so much time sitting down. I sit down when I take the train to Cardiff, I sit down when I take the bus to the office, I then sit at my desk in the office for 7 hours. No wonder I have an expanding waistline!

I did my calculations the other day and found out that walking to work will give me 1 hour’s exercise a day (30 minutes each way), save me £2 per day and in a month that would translate into a saving of £24 (I go to the office 3 days a week).

It’s not a massive saving, but think about it. £24 can buy me a new dress/bag/shoes each month, so I can have 12 new dresses/bags/shoes a year. Or if I saved £24 each month, I would have £288 at the end of a year, which can pay for a nice little holiday somewhere.

Sometimes we just don’t realise the impact of just one small change to our lifestyle.

Well I’m going to keep walking for now (burn fats not money!), until further notice.

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