Mummy notes

I think being a mother is a truly humbling experience.

You realise how little you know, how powerless you really are, how much you have to be responsible for, how quickly you need to think on your feet, how silly you have to be, you learn to pick your battles, you discover how much you have learnt, you develop skills you never dream of associating yourself with, you surprise yourself by doing things you never thought was possible, you begin to think and behave so differently as if someone has pop a pair of glasses on you to alter your vision.

It is a real test on multiple levels. It is a test of character, love, endurance, patience, marriage.

You could be the world’s best athelete, the future Queen, the First Lady, the most highly-paid actress, a top female politician, a Nobel Prize winner, the leader of of a global conglomerate, a world expert on finance, economics, science, biology, nuclear physics… you name it.

But when you first become a mother, you start from ground zero. Yes you could be better educated and informed than a country peasant, but you will both begin the journey on the same mark.

I think that does put things into perspective, because it reminds you that hey, you know what? You may be good at what you do now but when it comes to the one thing human beings are born to do, you have a lot to learn!

I have changed so much since getting married and having a kid. When I was living at home, I never had to lift a finger to wash my clothes, make my bed or prepare a meal.

Now I cook rice congee (what an auntie thing to do!) for my son everyday, drive us to the supermarket to get groceries, prepare my husband’s meals, do most of the washing up and laundry, plus I have to go to work. I get up at 0630 every morning and I’m on the go till 2000 when Lucien goes to sleep. I still wake up a few times a night to make a bottle for him and have to get through the day with two coffees.

If I was somebody else looking at my life, I would say I wouldn’t be able to do it. But when you are living the life, somehow you find the strength and resources to manage. This is why having a supportive husband and family really helps.

When I was playing with Lucien one afternoon, I was suddenly transported back to my days as a postgraduate student in Cardiff. I cooked and ate on my own, I woke up at whatever time I wanted, I watched DVDs every night and sometimes I wondered what I could do with my free time.

Then I asked myself, do I miss those days? Do I miss the freedom?

Strangely, I don’t.

Even when I now find it a struggle to squeeze in time to phone my family, do something for myself, run some errands, and I never get enough sleep, I don’t really want to go back to those days when I open my eyes and think, hmmm now what?

You feel different when life has a purpose, when you have a role to play, when you have someone to love and care for, and a beaming smile to look at every day.

Having a family puts a new perspective on things. You realise that everything else is secondary.

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One Comment on “Mummy notes”

  1. fe Says:

    and a lottttt of courage too! And clearly, don’t! 😀

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