Oh shit!

I have never been so happy to see shit. When I opened Lucien’s crappy nappy yesterday morning and saw the soft, brown muck, I was overjoyed.

That’s because for days before that, changing Lucien’s nappy often involved us doing a desperate run with him to the bathtub to get the watery diarrhoea running down his legs cleaned up, then mop up the mess he made on the floor and clean his soiled laundry in a 60C hot wash.

He started having diarrhoea and vomiting on Good Friday and on Saturday he was so feverish, drowsy and unwell that we brought him into A&E. They were very busy and we waited three hours to be seen. Hanging around a jam-packed waiting room with a whinging, throwing up baby made every minute seem like years.

Finally when we got to see the doctor, all she did was to give him some baby paracetamol and watch him down some water. They were pretty unsympathetic and did nothing more to treat his symptoms because they said he would eventually get rid of the bug on his own. I wish I’d known that so I wouldn’t have wasted my time taking him in.

So anyway, for a week or so, there was a lot of diarrhoea but thankfully not so much vomiting, a lot of soiled clothing and bedding to launder, a lot of mess on the floor to clean up, a lot of whinging and moaning. Lucien lost his appetite and we didn’t dare give him too much to eat anyway for fear it would make things worse. So he became very tired and weak and was attached to our hips all the time, rather than play on his own like he normally would. He wasn’t interested in his toys, had no energy to crawl or walk and cried a lot. Oh my god, those times were hard.

Yes, so now you know why I was so ecstatic on the morning I opened Lucien’s nappy and saw normal shit instead of the usual yellow water that greets me with a foul stench.

Never thought there would come a day when poo could make me happy.

Says a lot about being a mother, doesn’t it?

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