Date to remember

I spent yesterday afternoon in town with R, just the two of us. This was a small miracle which happened only a few times a year and we savoured every minute of it. We didn’t really do anything spectacular, just went to the bank, did some research on baby stuff in Mothercare and John Lewis, and ended up having a really terrible, terrible evening meal at a Malaysian restaurant (I still can’t get over how awful the food was – I wouldn’t even give it to my dog if I had one). We made a hasty exit from the restaurant because I was fuming and left half of my meal untouched. The street we walked down was pretty empty so I screamed, shouted, ranted. How could restaurant food taste so bad? I then proceeded to stuff my face with a bag of dried cranberries and macademia nuts we bought earlier in a health food shop and we laughed off our embarrassingly horrible dining experience on the train home. An unforgettable 18-months celebration- all for the wrong reasons!

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