Chunky mushroom soup

Last week I had my first go at making mushroom soup. For some reason I always thought mushroom soups were very hard to make and that was why I never bothered. But I am so wrong! This is one of the simplest, yet most delicious soups I’ve made so far, and you don’t even need a blender. Here’s the recipe:


1 box of white button mushrooms

1 box of brown chestnut mushrooms (if you can’t find this, just use two boxes of white button mushrooms)

1 box of fresh shitake mushrooms

A few handful of dried Chinese shitake mushrooms

150ml full-cream milk

2 cloves of garlic

1 white onion

Dried mixed herbs

Vegetable stock cube

Half a lemon

30g plain flour


1. Soak the dried Chinese mushrooms in hot water, slice them when they are soft

2. Wash and slice the fresh mushrooms

3. In a hot wok, add olive oil, salt, pepper, dried herbs, garlic and onion. Stir-fry this for a few minutes and then add all the mushrooms

4. Stir-fry the mushrooms till they are soft and liquid is drying up

5. Add the juice of half a small lemon

6. Add 150ml of full-cream milk

7. Dissolve the stock cube in 300ml of hot water and add this in

8. Cover the wok and let it come to the boil

9. To thicken the soup, slowly add the flour while stirring the bubbling soup continuously. Make sure the flour dissolves completely before you decide if you need to add more.

10. Once you are happy with the consistency and taste of the soup, serve with toast or crusty bread.

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