Marley & Me

Jenny: Honey, I think I have to quit my job.

John: You don’t have to do that. We can get some help.

Jenny: I don’t want any help. I really don’t. I just- I don’t want to be one of those people…that sees their child for an hour at night. I don’t.

John: I know, but you love your work and-

Jenny: I love my work, honey. But this is killing me. When I’m at the office, I just wanna be here. And when I’m here, I am constantly thinking about work. And I just know that I’m doing both jobs halfway.

John: Well, you’re not doing them halfway.

Jenny: If I have to give up something…I do not- I do not want to give up this.


I feel like Jenny in Marley & Me at the moment. To be continued…

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