Vintage finds

On Friday I went out on my own. I needed to get a few things in town for my trip home. And as usual, I got sucked into the thrift shops. There is something just so irresistible and magical about them. It’s like Aladdin’s cave, a treasure trove where on the occasions when you got lucky, you will emerge not just smelling a tad stale and musky but will also have in your hands, stale and dusty trophies to bring home. Well Friday I got lucky. I first saw the worn leather suitcase on top of a wardrobe and then found a what I originally thought to be a vintage doctor’s bag. Then I realised doctor’s bags were normally black and I found some old wooden rulers and paperclips in the bag, which led me to deduce that this was once a clerk’s briefcase. After some haggling, I bagged (no pun intended) the two items for £15! I almost killed myself trying to haul my loot plus groceries and all my other shopping home but it was most definitely worth it. I’ll be using the briefcase as my laptop bag and the suitcase hopefully, will be put to good use in a little shop somewhere in Singapore.

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5 Comments on “Vintage finds”

  1. estique Says:

    NICE! my dad used to own a briefcase like that too! but black one! hehe

    if i ever go visit u..u must bring me to those shops! vintage things are way too ex here in spore!

  2. estique Says:

    btw, i love the photos! did u arrange the stuff urself? VERY NICE!

  3. estique Says:

    and btw, when are u headed back to singapore?

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