The sign

I reached under my bed where my collection of half-read books splayed across the carpet. Sometimes I lie on my tummy, pop my head over the bed and look underneath to see what I’ve stashed down there. Last night I found a book and flipped to the last page. It said, “Life will never be the same now that you are a mum but it’s essential you find time to enjoy yourself without your baby. Don’t feel in the slightest bit guilty because part of being a good mum is being happy and relaxed.” I kept reading and re-reading the last sentence. Then I closed the book, shut my eyes and took a deep breath in. Thank you for the sign.

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2 Comments on “The sign”

  1. Annabel Says:

    Never ever feel guilty for taking care of yourself. The best mothers are the ones who are able to juggle fun and parenting. Mothers who end up with no identity other than being a mother often end up with kids who I see in therapy!

  2. mel wang Says:

    Totally!! Being a great mother definitely is having your own time and doing things that make you happy because happiness is infectious.

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