The end

OMG! The end to all this could be near! Lucien has been so fretful and clingy over the past couple of days and I found this behaviour so un-him. He cries when I leave the room even for a few seconds. He wants someone to be with him all the time. My gut instinct was that something was definitely up and so I held him still yesterday and took a good look at his gums. Surprise! I found two raised red lumps on his lower gum. The area was very hard and I could actually see the shape of two teeth in the gum! I can’t believe they are about to sprout. I am SO HAPPY! I’m praying to all the gods out there, please please please just let him cut his teeth so I don’t need botox for my eyes.

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  1. mszak Says:

    What did you expect bringing up baby to be like?
    If your other readers think I am harsh, instead of validating you with the questions… I am fine.

    What caused you to breakdown? What were you thinking? What are your feelings?
    Before the baby, what are your thoughts, ideas, feelings of motherhood Yes… so many mothers have gone through these stages and why are you feeling so down…

    teething tip…
    Now that the teeth is breaking… when u are bathing the baby, use a damp terry towel and massage the top gum but leave the bottom where the teeth is breaking through alone… he may bite but most mothers who take care of the babaies have been bitten umpteen times before… it’s a pain of joy

    I am sorry Cindy… child is now priority… personal space is limited… appreciate whatever time and breathing space you can squeeze to have. You are no longer a single lady …you are a mother now… and a mother has maternal priorities…if you can accept that the terms and conditons, life will be better… there will be your time when u can indulge in your girly things again… let me ask you… when u go shopping now … where do you head for first… who do you think about …

    First and foremost,
    feeling lost is a normal behaviour most mothers get that too when managing baby because baby is behaving in such a way in which you have no clue of what is happening … you feel helpless…

    most mothers break down too… frustration, helpessness, lack of sleep, no time even for toilet, nails break,

    a mother’s glow doesnt come from cosmetics, nice clothes, high teas, spas… a mother’s glow comes from within… knowing that she has taken good care of the child… meeting the child’s needs first and placing hers thereafter… and feeling happy and good about it.

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    In times of emergency, there is a reason why airlines make sure parents put on their oxygen masks before helping their child to do so. Can you guess what that is?

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