Other half

My husband has many, many flaws but I really cannot fault him when it comes to looking after Lucien. He’s been very involved right from the moment we thought I could be pregnant – he made sure I started taking folic acid tablets. And then he went mad buying nappies on sale, researching on push-chairs and baby carriers, helping me to paint the nursery and coming to antenatal classes with me. He was there when I was writhing in pain the bath at 3am, when they put the IV antibiotics in me because of suspected infection, when they cut me up in theatre, when Lucien was grey and lifeless and I was pretty well the same on the operating table.

Men being men, he’s not terribly observant, gentle or meticulous when it comes to Lucien. He prefers doing “Daddy” things like throwing the kid in the air and watch Mummy shudder in fear or roll the poor boy around on the bed until I shout “Stop he’s not a rolling pin!”

But he is an extremely hands-on Dad. He doesn’t mind getting in there to mop up explosive poos, clean up sick and clear the mucus from the kid’s blocked up nose. He is there to help feed, change and bathe the baby. He was SO SAD when we stayed in Singapore without him for seven weeks. I have never seen him so affected by our time apart.

He never heads out to the pubs as he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t spend hours hanging out with his mates and leave us at home and he NEVER says he wants to take a few hours’ break, go out and have a wander around, enjoy some quiet me time. I, on the other hand, find this extremely therapeutic and the only way to retain some sanity. The only time he spends out of the house is at work and when he is not at work, he is with us at home.

Lucien is a great kid but he is beginning to be a handful now that he is starting to crawl and toddle. In all honesty, I don’t think I would have the mental and physical energy to properly care for our son if R had been one of those fathers who believe in leaving child-rearing to their wives.

So even though I get really annoyed with him for always not hearing Lucien crying in the middle of the night and for letting him eat the carpet, I must really be thankful I have such a wonderfully supportive partner who on the occasions where I am driven bonkers, have the initiative to take the baby away and tell me “Go to sleep” or “Go out for a few hours”.

I couldn’t have come so far without you, Bean Daddy.

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2 Comments on “Other half”

  1. Annabel Says:

    Aw, this is why it is a wonderful thing to marry a nurse. Luke was amazing when I was recovering from gall bladder surgery. I was a complete mess and the worst patient ever but he just did what he had to do to pull me through.

  2. mel wang Says:

    Kudos to Bea Lau Pa!

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