What a start

The first words I uttered as the clock struck twelve yesterday were “FREAKING HELL!”.

No no, not “FREAKING HELL!” as I was shaking my booty, raising my glass of alcoholic drink in the air, joining the countdown with million others in some trendy bar, but “FREAKING HELL!” as I tumbled out of bed in my pyjamas, rubbing my desperately sleepy eyes while trying to take over the task of comforting a crying and coughing baby from my husband.

While people were setting off fireworks outside, the two of us celebrated by dancing the frantic cha-cha to the tune of Lucien’s screaming. “Where’s the dummy? On the floor? On the bed? Oh there it is, let me go wash it. Where’s the vapour rub? Okay let’s put some on him. I can’t see. Go turn the lamp on. No don’t carry him like that, here let me do it.”

I wanted to burst into tears. I WAS SO TIRED. I had no energy left. I just needed a good night’s sleep, was that so much to ask?

At this point in time, apparently yes. Lucien has a cold and cough on top of teething and weaning (just kill meeeee…) so he sleeps poorly in the night and can be pretty miserable in the day.

In the end, my husband shoved me into the spare bedroom and said he’d have Lucien next to him in our bed. “You can’t keep going without any sleep. You will make a mistake and end up hurting you or the baby. Now get in there and put the earplugs in for god’s sake. I’ll have Lucien tonight.”

So I slept. For five hours. That was my new year treat. A luxury. Until I heard Lucien crying again and I removed my earplugs.

So there. Even if you didn’t spend it with special someone or did anything interesting last night, just be thankful that you at least got to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. I would really be willing to pay any amount to get that!


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3 Comments on “What a start”

  1. MW Says:

    Happy New Year babe, my heart goes out to you and Rog 🙂 got to rethink our resolutions to start a family now :p

    • tintedglasses Says:

      It’s a lot of hard work but we also have loads of fun. It’s just especially tough during this phase – sick, weaning, teething. But it will pass eventually. Every baby’s different. You could have a very docile baby!

  2. mel wang Says:

    Hmmm baby and docile don’t seem to fit in one sentence but we’ll keep an open mind!

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