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Pompeii 79AD

January 31, 2011

We were so jet-lagged and sleep-deprived we couldn’t keep our eyes open, but we still dragged ourselves to see Pompeii 79AD at the National Museum of Singapore on the second last day of the exhibition. We didn’t know it was an Open Day so all exhibitions were free, and that explained the huge queues. Again, one can’t expect to have it all so we queued. And yawned. Alot.

I took these photos mainly because I’m so amazed and impressed how sophisticated and skilled the Romans were more than 2,000 years ago. Ever-changing fashion and hairstyles, experimenting with cosmetics and hair dyes, beautifully crafted jewellery, water systems and valves which look like what we have today. The suddenness of this catastrophe preserved many items in immaculate condition. The exhibition was an eye-opener and well-worth the trip.

The Book Thief

January 29, 2011

If you want a good book to read, pick up The Book Thief. It’s different, it’s creative, it’s clever and it made me cry. In fact it’s so good I might wanna just go read it again.


January 29, 2011

A cafe. A backpacker’s hostel. A gallery. Three young people in Penang with three different aspirations got together to make their dreams come true in one place. An old shophouse which used to sell spices. I’m glad we stumbled upon Moontree47 along Jalan Muntri in Georgetown when the heavens opened briefly. It’s wonderful when people take the less travelled path to get closer to their dreams. I’m inspired.


January 28, 2011

It will be almost, almost Spring when I get back to Wales and these pretty ensembles are inspiring!

Bag: Kate Spade

Dress: LK Bennett

Shoes: Miu Miu

Bag: Chloe

Dress: Alexander McQueen

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Epic journey

January 23, 2011

Somehow when you have a baby, things get VERY complicated. Despite having loads of time before we had to catch our airport bus, we still found it to be a rush at the end. So much so that we forgot the baby sling, and R’s wallet which was conveniently tucked into the pocket of it. We only realised what we’d done when my brother-in-law dropped us off at the bus-stop for our 4-hour bus ride.

The drama unfolded then. We panicked, hyperventilated, shouted at each other, paced around frantically, while Lucien watched quietly. After a while, he found it so tiring to watch his parents bicker that he fell asleep. (“Get organised, folks!” he must be thinking.) Luckily we had booked ourselves on an earlier coach so time wasn’t so much of an issue. It was trying to retrieve the baby sling and wallet from home and get ourselves onto a later bus that was more of a problem, but thank goodness we eventually did sort it out. We were an hour behind schedule, but still got to the airport 2.5 hours before the flight.

The compulsory electronic self check-in system was pretty rubbish, Air France was really anal about the weight distribution of the luggage (i.e. each bag has to be exactly 20 kg or so. You can’t have one bag at 15 kg and another at 25 kg even though it all adds up to be 20 kg per passenger.), I almost wanted to cry when I ate the food (it was terrible!) and having to transit in Paris with only one hour between flights was a bit of a rush.

On board the 45-minute flight from London to Paris, we were crammed in with all the business travellers. Lucien had a good screaming fit for a few minutes before take-off. We got sympathetic looks from the people in suits. We were desperate to do anything to stop him and he eventually fell asleep in my arms and remained so throughout the flight. We were lucky that the Paris-Singapore leg was only about 70% full. Lucien was the only infant on board. The couple which were seated next to us quickly and wisely evacuated to other rows after take-off, which meant we had four seats and a bassinet to ourselves. Lucien slept pretty much through the flight. He woke once or twice for a scream and feed but quickly fell asleep again. I stretched out and laid down across two seats and had a few hours’ rest.

The French are lovely when they see you have a little baby in hand. I wanted to throw away a bottle of water before putting our hand luggage through the x-ray machines when the staff stopped me and asked, “For bebe?” We said yes and she let us through! They also didn’t fuss about the hot water flask we had. In the UK, we would have had to chuck the bottled water and taste the hot water in front of the staff to prove it’s not some dodgy liquid. The flight crew were so besotted with Lucien and get this – they were all men! One told us that Lucien is a very fashionable name in France now and gave him the nickname of “Le Petit Lulu”. Another said Lucien reminded him of how he was as a baby. He told us Lucien looked exactly like him when he was little. I had no objections to that because he was a dashing young man.

Exactly 24 hours after we left our home in Wales, we arrived at our home in Singapore. Even though the journey wasn’t as uneventful as we’d hoped it would be, I suppose we could have had worse. At least we didn’t miss our connection, get delayed or discover our baggage had been flown to Africa. I couldn’t fault Air France when it came to service, landings and take-offs. Now only if their food was better and the flight was non-stop. But then again, you can’t have it all in life.

Vintage finds

January 18, 2011

On Friday I went out on my own. I needed to get a few things in town for my trip home. And as usual, I got sucked into the thrift shops. There is something just so irresistible and magical about them. It’s like Aladdin’s cave, a treasure trove where on the occasions when you got lucky, you will emerge not just smelling a tad stale and musky but will also have in your hands, stale and dusty trophies to bring home. Well Friday I got lucky. I first saw the worn leather suitcase on top of a wardrobe and then found a what I originally thought to be a vintage doctor’s bag. Then I realised doctor’s bags were normally black and I found some old wooden rulers and paperclips in the bag, which led me to deduce that this was once a clerk’s briefcase. After some haggling, I bagged (no pun intended) the two items for £15! I almost killed myself trying to haul my loot plus groceries and all my other shopping home but it was most definitely worth it. I’ll be using the briefcase as my laptop bag and the suitcase hopefully, will be put to good use in a little shop somewhere in Singapore.


January 16, 2011

Totally dig this Moschino t-shirt! It’s so cute! via net-a-porter.