Conversation with R #7

C, who hasn’t driven in a LONG TIME and hates manual cars: “Look, there is no way I am going to drive that old banger with NO POWER STEERING! Do you know how heavy the wheel is?”

R, who has no driving licence: “Yes, but it’s okay when it’s on the move. I bet even I can drive it.”

C: “Yeah, ok, look if YOU can drive it I’m going to eat my bum.”

R: “That’s not physically possible. You can’t reach your bum.”

C: “Well, you can slice it off, cook it, and I’ll eat it.”

R: “I think you’d have a cardiac arrest because it’s terribly fattening.”

C: “$@&*%^£%^”

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2 Comments on “Conversation with R #7”

  1. fefe Says:

    LOL..I thought a cardiac arrest upon seeing bum gets sliced off! funny!

    But seriously, I drove my dad’s antique and it wasn’t that bad. The steering did get better when you stepped lightly on the accelerator. When the car is accelerated (very lightly), the steering softens. But if you let it stay stationary, you can really forget about steering it.

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    OMG I was steering it when I was trying to park it and I think I pulled a muscle. All that freaking turning!

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