Love is…

Despite my efforts to put on a well-cut red shift dress and slap on some make-up, my sister-in-law still came up to me halfway through the annual Boxing Day get-together she hosts and said, “Are you okay, love? You look shattered.”

This is what six months of sleep deprivation does to you. I’m really starting to feel the effects of these constant, never-ending bad nights. It was manageable in the beginning months and in fact for a while things were pretty good because Lucien was sleeping through the night. But it has been absolutely terrible over the past six to eight weeks. I have been up every two to three hours, trying to pacify a very grumpy baby with teething discomforts. He’s not in pain but I think the sensation of teeth moving through the gums is probably making him feel kinda weird and restless. And the worst thing is: a)I cannot help him grow him his teeth b)I don’t know how long it takes for his first teeth to cut! And so the sleepless nights continue. I understand that this is a process and there will come a time when he will and can FINALLY sleep through the night. (I am desperate enough to be willing to kowtow to whichever gods that will make this happen) But at the moment, I do feel like the living dead.

I’m just SO GLAD that at least I am able to take nine months off work and be a full-time mum. God knows how anyone can manage all this AND go to work in the day. Am I still glad I don’t have a helper? It is VERY difficult but…Absolutely. There’s no better feeling than being there for my baby when he needs me. Looking after my own child. While I still can.

I guess there will always be some beauty product for my panda eyes.

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