Freudian slip

At the end of our main course at our favourite Italian restaurant on a rare night out, R asked, “Do you want to share a dessert?” I stared at him wide-eyed with disbelief. “What? Did you say SHARE?” I asked.

You see, it’s one of R’s pet peeves NOT to share desserts or any food for that matter. He never understood why women like to share food. “Why share? Just have your own!” he tells me whenever I suggest sharing something. “Men don’t like to share. We want to enjoy our own dessert. And apparently it’s not just him. I was talking to somebody else’s boyfriend and he shared the same view. “We don’t get enough to eat otherwise,” he told me.

But us women like sharing food because I think (a) we are afraid to eat too much and put on weight, (b) we genuinely cannot finish a big bowl of pudding and (c) we just like the lovey-dovey feeling of saliva-sharing, damn it!

From my experience, you know a man truly loves you once he lets you into his dessert bowl. When he’s willing to “not have enough” so that you can “not eat too much”. Well it only took me 10 freaking years to get into R’s. That night, we shared a panna cotta with berries in mulled wine. I was a very happy girl.

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2 Comments on “Freudian slip”

  1. Annabel Says:

    I don’t mind sharing but I’d rather not. I have quite a few female friends who really hate sharing!

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