We have been staying at home for the past week because we are both ill. Lucien caught a cold from my mother which developed into bronchitis. There were a good few days and nights when he would just burst into tears (presumably feeling ill and frustrated) for prolonged periods. That was very tough because I felt I was coming down with something myself and needed to rest, but I wasn’t able to get much sleep. Thankfully Lucien bounced back pretty quickly after seeing the doctor and his moods have lifted as a result. I am still nursing a cold and feeling bored stiff at home. I wish we could go somewhere and do something else for a change but I don’t feel I have the energy to lug the stroller and my changing bag anywhere. Oh and deal with the crowds. So we have both been living in our pyjamas, walking around the neighbourhood (to death!) and keeping to ourselves. I fear I am becoming mentally challenged as I am engaging in baby talk all day long. How I envy my friends who are able to sit down and have dinner at somewhere nice (and take their time to savour each morsel), go out and explore places, watch a movie, do something for themselves and even going to work. I don’t have anything else to talk about apart from the baby. I think that’s kinda sad?

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2 Comments on “Ill”

  1. Annabel Says:

    It’ll get better as he gets older. Are you able to find a nanny once a week to give yourself me-time?

    • tintedglasses Says:

      Normally it is okay because my mum and R are around so we can at least take turns but my mum’s gone on holiday and R’s back in the UK, so I am with bubba 24/7!

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