Bird | Worm

I don’t know why but somehow there seem to be many animals in distress in my neighbourhood. Following the bat incident, there were another two occasions where I had to “play god” and save creatures from being eaten. One time was when I saw a big black crow pecking at a small brown animal. Once again I just could not stand and do nothing so I gave chase. The crow eventually dropped its prey on a patch of grass and I moved in to pick it up. It was a small brown bird. Its wings were injured and bleeding but it was still breathing. I scooped it up and brought it home – leaving my poor aunt to carry bags of groceries and push Lucien in his stroller at the same time. (I am sorry my darling boy, this little bird needed mummy more than you at that time) I laid the bird on a newspaper on my balcony while still naively wondering what I should be feeding it with. Moments later my helper said, “This bird mati lah, Miss.” “Oh no, what?!” I went to take a closer look and the bird had its eyes closed. I almost wanted to cry. I had saved it from being tortured and eaten yet I still couldn’t save its life. But at least it died without being mutilated and at peace, on my balcony. Then later that evening, I found a long and fat earthworm on the pavement after the heavy rain. Yes it was so fat that any bird was going to laugh all the way home for picking it up for dinner. So I chucked it into the grass, and watch it slither into the soil, before minding my own business.

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