Bat woman

The two cats worked as a team to catch the bat. As the fruit bat flew close to the ground, one of them sprang up and caught it with its paws. The bat fell to the ground and the cats swiftly moved in to inspect their catch. I watched this take place in the carpark of a busy coffee shop as I walked home. I saw the bat lying flat on its back, its wings still flapping, while the two cats played with it. The diners at the coffee shop were clearly entertained by this National Geographic moment. It took me sometime to react. I walked up to see if bat was dead. To my surprise it was alive and appeared unhurt but was too stunned to move. Then I felt the sudden need to do something to stop the poor creature being toyed to death. I quickly shooed away the cats. They lifted their paws off their prey and ran. The bat, startled to life, began to flap its wings and take flight. One of the cats made a last-ditch attempt to catch it again. I sprinted forward to chase it away. The bat made a successful escape. For tonight at least.

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2 Comments on “Bat woman”

  1. mw Says:

    You’re a superheroine!!!

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