Wet holiday

We booked a holiday to Krabi toward the end of the rainy season thinking it would be mostly dry with some spots of rain, but we experienced torrential downpours everyday since we got there.

We spent most of Wednesday huddled together under my polka-dot umbrella in different places – under a tree halfway up a haphazardly constructed wooden plank boardwalk up a cliff, on the beach, along the main tourist stretch, under a cafe signage. We sat at a small restaurant to have lunch and watch down-spirited tourists in see-through plastic raincoats carefully avoiding the puddles.

When we noticed a window of fine weather, we hurried to get on the motorbike to continue our journey. With a long ride back to the hotel and the rapid formation of grey clouds, it was impossible to avoid the inevitable. We got back to the hotel cold and drenched. I swiftly got into the large sky-lit sunken bath (which was not quite so swift to fill) to warm up and then headed off to the hotel spa for a much needed complimentary Thai massage (yes, nothing beats hearing those loud stress-relieving ‘cracking’ sounds when they twist your backs).

For our evening meal, we took an umbrella and went next door to a small family-run restaurant. The chef was a middle-aged lady who whipped up excellent Thai dishes in her modest home kitchen. Halfway through the meal I was craving for some stir-fried vegetables and just popped into the kitchen to order some while she was playing with her grandchild. I fell asleep later with a belly full of red curry while watching a DVD we borrowed from the hotel library while the rain pelted down.

Our last day was uneventful. We spent the early part of the day riding around the island on a mission to explore and even somehow managed to get toasted – it must be the sun between broken clouds. We discovered a small cafe tucked away on a side street in the main tourist area and sat down to have a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. It was strong and aromatic – the way coffee should be enjoyed. And after picking up a couple of holiday t-shirts (just like everyone else on vacation does), we learnt by now we had to return to the hotel before the storm developed in the late afternoon.

The weather was still fine when we got back to the resort so we headed for a swim in the enormous hotel pool. The pool attendants were glad on our arrival. We were the first guests to use the pool that day so they had been bored stiff. This was no surprise given the low occupancy rate at the resort during the monsoon season – only a handful of the 63 villas were filled.

After we changed out of our bathing costumes and sat down for afternoon tea in the resort, the skies opened. Nothing felt better than relishing a hot beverage and a slice of rich chocolate cake in this dreadful weather. We had the lounge to ourselves and sat on the daybed for ages to enjoy the small but delicious selection of cookies, cakes and fruit while reading through books and magazines.

It’s been a rather unusual holiday, somewhat odd even. We have never been somewhere where it rained so persistently everyday. That pretty much threw any possibility of sightseeing out of the window so we really had a lot of free time. Yet we didn’t seem to have found it to be boring. We were just thankful we had decided to splurge on the accommodation – it meant we could really enjoy the facilities and services (spa, DVD, afternoon tea) within the resort and the delightful comfort of our room during the many times where we had to stay indoors.

It didn’t take much to get used to the pampering. In the end, the mozzies were the only reason I wanted to get out of Krabi and Lucien was what I was looking forward to coming home to.

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2 Comments on “Wet holiday”

  1. estique Says:

    omg. i love this phrase “it must be the sun between broken clouds.” . i’m stealing it.

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