Last year today we were exchanging our marriage vows on the beautifully landscaped lawn of The Sentosa Resort & Spa, in front of family and friends. 365 days later I am rocking a hot and bothered baby in front of two powerful fans while ordering R to get a bottle ready and clean up the baby’s mess.

When this was done and R had a moment to open the anniversary present and read the card I left for him on the dining table, he burst out laughing. I had written, “On this day, I hope you will be basking in happy memories of 4 Oct 2009.” “Yeah so much for ‘basking in happy memories’!” I laughed too. I had been ‘scolding’ him the whole morning.

Our day was far from relaxing and romantic. R was playing with Lucien on his crawling mat and I did a couple of loads of laundry. My grandmother is having a major operation done today so we’ll be heading down to the hospital later to see her. The only opportunity we have some time to ourselves will be in the evening when we head to a hotel for a seafood buffet while my mother has the baby.

As Lucien was having a nap, we dug out R’s black leather shoes from the store room and got ready to go out. As he wiped the dust down with a piece of cloth, he remarked, “The last time I wore these was on our wedding day. Funny, isn’t it?”

It is indeed. There were two of us here a year ago and now there are three.

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One Comment on “Paper”

  1. estique Says:

    i think its amazing and beautiful!

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